Since as far back as 3000BC, Egypt has always been a cosmopolitan of arts. From exceptionally characteristic sculptures to beautifully harmonized paintings and distinctive pottery and glass-work; Egyptians have handed down their artistic talents generation after generation to this very day.

Naturally, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Egypt has always celebrated art, and has accordingly handpicked the best of world-renown, both local and international talents, to showcase their work at the properties – making a simple walk down the halls of Four Seasons Egypt, an artistic walk to remember.

Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza

A hotel lobby or an art gallery? At Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza, the distinction can get a little blurry. The hotel houses some 200 paintings and sculptures by dozens of contemporary Egyptian artists, displayed around every corner the Hotel.

The Hotel is a “live gallery” and a hub for social and cultural exchange! Paintings and sculptures at the Hotel include many pieces by highly acclaimed artists such as Barry Iverson, whose famous Bedouin Girl photograph is displayed at the Hotel Business Center, Effat Naghi, the most prominent Egyptian artist of the 1920s whose bold pieces are spread across from Zitouni restaurant, and Mohammed Mandour, whose prize-winning pieces have been acquired by prince Charles, and currently frame the second floor across from 8 restaurant.

Of all the artwork at the Hotel, one of the paintings has a rather unusual pedigree. Proudly displayed at the heart of the Hotel is an acrylic painting by Farouk Hosny, former Director of the Egyptian Culture Center in Paris and former Minister of Culture in Egypt. With an extremely busy schedule, Hosny’s passion for painting never waned, in-fact his love for art was even more enhanced by him exhibiting his pieces all over the world, including Le
Carroussel du Louvre in Paris and the New York Metropolitan Museum.

Those wishing to forgo the cost of a museum admission can stop by the aforementioned lobby of Four Seasons Cairo at Nile Plaza, where you can view the astounding masterpieces, either on a guided art tour or on your own. The Four Seasons Concierge can provide more detail on these important contributors to Egypt’s art scene.

Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at The First Residence

In support of the Egyptian talents Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at The First Residence has taken the lead in supporting the ever-growing art scene in Cairo through hosting several successful rotating art exhibitions and receptions right on the Hotel grounds.

For instance, the Tea Lounge displays a selection of beautiful bronze sculptures; the art collection includes immensely striking pieces from multiple prize-winning sculptors Ahmed Abdel-Tawab, Anas El-Aloussi, Ayman Saadawy, and Mohamed EL Fayoumi, whose works have been showcased in both local and international exhibitions, and who continue to nourish the Egyptian art scene with their work.

With Egypt being the inspirational city it is, it comes as no surprise that many artists are inspired by the wonderful streets and surreal countryside landscapes; showcased at the Hotel are several Egyptian inspired pieces by artists Emad Ibrahim, who draws his inspiration from local musicians and people in traditional landscapes, and Ayman El Samery, who also uses similar concepts depicting scenes from the Egyptian countryside stemming from his passion for nature.

Included in the collection are renowned artists George Fikry, Adel Tharwat, and Wael Abdel Sabour, whose works are located on the 4th floor, adjacent to the Hotel’s Aura restaurant.

With many young and emerging artists, the art exhibition aims to not only enrich the lives of guests but also the Cairo art scene.

Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano

Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano is by itself a masterpiece – ornate furniture, meticulous railings and intricate designs illuminate every corner of the Hotel.

Paintings and art pieces are scattered all over the Hotel, from local and internationally renowned artists including pieces like the famous Mehmet Ali Pacha painting by French Painter Louis Charles Auguste, placed across the reception area of the Lobby Lounge.

Paintings by Louise Jopling, English Victorian era Painter, are lined up by Kala restaurant

entrance, where the décor of the restaurant matches with the Victorian trend of collecting blue and white porcelain depicted in the paintings.

Other popular pieces lined at the Hotel include works by artists Charles Courtney Curran, a prolific and popular painter who was among the artists responsible for the rebirth of the genre tradition in late nineteenth century American art, French artist Prosper Marilhat, who resided in Egypt for two years, and depicted its landscapes in his works, and the last of the Vernet artists, Joseph Vernet Horace who was awarded many medals and prizes for his battle paintings.

Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh

Designed by world renowned Architecture firm Howard K. Smith, Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh is by itself, a monumental masterpiece. Adding on to the brilliance of the Moorish arches and Arabian influences are several art pieces by Artists such as Randa Fahmy, the Egyptian metalwork and ceramic guru, whose brilliant work welcomes guests from the Front Desk to almost all the pathways of the Resort.

At the Observatory Lounge, Zeinab Al Sageny, another brilliant Egyptian Artist, displays a selection of her masterpieces, described as an inter-mixture of a spiritual nature drawing its source from the Coptic icons, alongside the wonders of the Islamic miniatures.

Also displayed at the Hotel Spa are the brilliant oil works of Mohamed Abla, the recipient of many local and international prestigious awards. Finally, an art collection would never be complete without pieces by the well-acclaimed Artist, Director and previous Minister Farouk Hosny, spread  across the Resort walls.

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