Journey into Egypt’s magical past with one-of-a-kind Four Seasons Extraordinary Experiences

Egypt: From the magic of its glorious past to its modern day charm, Egypt continues to be a travel wish-list-favorite for tourists from across the world. Now, with the launch of exclusive Four Seasons Extraordinary Experiences – featuring an inspiring journey into the country’s past –  trips to Cairo, Sharm El Sheikh and Alexandria will unquestionably be a memorable historical treat.

Discover the secrets of this cradle of civilization from the Great Sphinx and dine under the stars thereafter at Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza or travel back to the Golden Era of Pharaohs at Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at The First Residence. Dive into world history with a tour of the iconic WW2 shipwreck, the SS Thistlegorm, at Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh or marvel at the glittering charm of the most royal jewelry collection in the history of Egypt with Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano. The choice is yours.


A Night at the Museum – a private after-hours tour of Cairo’s famed Egyptian Museum culminating in a private dinner in one of the museum’s grand halls

15Ancient Egypt comes alive during a once-in-a-lifetime private evening at Cairo’s famed Egyptian Museum. When the sun goes down and the crowds depart, the museum doors open just for you on this exclusive night of dining and historical discoveries. Guided by the renowned Egyptologist Zahi Hawass – former Minister of Antiquities and the author of numerous Egyptology books – you will step back in time to the golden era of the pharaohs during a private tour and dinner amid the world’s most significant antiquities collection. Explore the extensive corridors that house the glittering treasures of Tutankhamun, including the boy king’s gold death mask, and an impressive display of royal mummies, along with thousands of objects that span 5,000 years of Egyptian history. Your evening culminates in the museum’s garden, where you will enjoy a customised gourmet dinner for two, prepared by a Four Seasons chef. Toast the treasures around you and this rare occasion when they are all yours to enjoy.

Reservations: +20 (2) 3567-1600. Advanced booking required. Experience subject to availability.


A dinner fit for a Pharaoh enjoy a private dinner in the shadow of the Great Pyramids to the sounds of the Cairo Symphony Orchestra

feature-image-8Venture into the desert for a night like no other. Beneath a canopy of stars, you will see the Pyramids of Giza come alive during a private showing of a spectacular sound-and-light display that explores the history and mystery of the ancient Egyptian empire. As the stone monuments are illuminated, a voice booms through the night, unfolding breath-taking legends of the majestic Sphinx. The stories of Khufu’s Great Pyramid, Khafre’s pyramid, Menkaure’s pyramid, and the altars that surround them, will take you back in time on a journey through the marvellous mysteries of the Pharaohs. The lives of the legendary rulers and the structural nuances of each ancient monument are highlighted through lights projected onto the pyramids themselves, and you get to witness it entirely from a fit-for-royalty stage.

Your night does not end when the hour-long show concludes; dine privately at an exquisite table set against the backdrop of the Great Pyramid, while the Cairo Symphony Orchestra illuminates the night just for you at your once-in-a-lifetime dinner. A private Four Seasons chef and culinary team cater to your every epicurean fancy. It’s an evening fit for – and inspired by – Egypt’s greatest kings.

Reservations: +20 (2) 2791-7000. Advanced booking required. Experience subject to availability.


Discover WW2 shipwrecks on a dive in the warm waters of the Red Sea

14One dive beneath the surface of the Red Sea and you’ll discover why it is one of the world’s most breath-taking diving destinations. Clear waters, reefs, an abundance of marine life and several notable shipwrecks have enthralled researchers and historians, including Jacques Cousteau, for decades. Now, the Dive Centre at Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh is offering you the exclusive opportunity to team up with shipwreck expert and author John Kean for a Red Sea dive like no other.

Rise early and board one of the Dive Centre’s high-speed powerboats, some of the fastest in the Red Sea, which will carry you to the Strait of Gubal in little more than an hour. Your destination is the historical resting place of a British munitions ship, the SS Thistlegorm, which was sunk by a German bomber in 1941. Kean, who wrote the definitive account of the ship’s demise, will serve as your personal historian, sharing the stories and secrets of one of the world’s most intriguing dive sites. During two exploratory dives, you will descend 30 metres below the surface to discover the Thistlegorm’s holds, where wartime cargo such as motorbikes, trucks and guns remains. Nearby you will find the Thistlegorm’s sister ship, the Rosalie Moller, which also succumbed to a German bomber attack, as well as the wrecks of Abu Nuhas – many of which you can explore.
Divers must be certified and at least 15 years of age. A minimum of four divers is required to book.

Reservations: +20 (69) 360-3555. Advanced booking required. Experience subject to availability.


Spend the night admiring one of the most expensive collections of jewelry in the world at Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano

alx_405_aspect16x9Imagine spending a night inside a treasure trove dating back to 1805, filled with the finest and most luminescent jewels welded throughout the history of Egypt; now imagine that the treasure trove is actually the Royal Jewellery Museum, and it is all yours for the night.

A royal dream-come-true; take your significant other on a night that will become a radiating milestone in your relationship, as you go on a private tour of the museum that holds the most royal jewellery collection in the history of Egypt; belonging to the royal family of the Muhammad Ali dynasty. Watch as the pieces come to life, bringing back flash backs of a time when the epitome of class, luxury and magnificence were the essence of jewellery design. Listen closely, as your private jewellery expert tells you the story that each of these pieces has inscribed in history, and the fairy-tales that give each ornate piece its own identity.

Between walking the halls where historic figures resided, gazing into the jewellery that created a benchmark in luxury of design all over the world, dining exclusively in a custom-made private setup with live entertainment in the Royal Gardens of the Palace, all supervised by Four Seasons Chefs and perfected by impeccable hospitality.

Reservations: +20 (3) 581-800 Advanced booking required. Experience subject to availability.

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