There are many destinations in the world where one has to visit at least once in a lifetime. Some are perfect summer endeavors where discovering new sunny shores bring out a new you, and some are a new experience to add to a list of experiences; but Egypt – as in the words of Pope Shenouda  III “is a country that lives in us, not a country that we live in” – and the only destination in the world where all the seasons are experiences to live by; especially when it is Egypt by Four Seasons.

Four Seasons Egypt Hotels and Resort have a wealth of warm winter offerings to go with the festive season spirit, and to make sure Egypt lives up to its name as the ultimate bucket-list destination.

Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh

Winter has no effect on Sharm El Sheikh; the tropical city still has a sun that outshines all other Red Sea spots, so you can spend your winter morning seaside and your winter evenings cuddled up at Sails Lounge, where the vibe, the view and the venue will give you a whole new outlook on winter as we know it.

No traveler should ever be in Sharm El Sheikh and miss out on the ultimate experience of diving. A whole world of undersea miracles, at one of the world’s best naturally preserved protectorates, awaits you.

Sharm El Sheikh is a city known for many leisurely activities, but most significantly, it offers the most beautiful views of the underwater world with unbelievably intricate reefs and rare, colorful marine life.

An in-house certified Dive Center located right on the Red Sea haven’s shores, offers all the best in service, products and water sports and a 20% saving on all rates. Diving courses for all levels of divers along with boat trips where you can unwind, let-go and relax are all a request away;  Get the most out of the destination that has been dubbed as the biggest star on the Red Sea.

Dine at one of the mesmerizing outlets, recharge with a royal treatment at the Hotel Spa, or simply enjoy the delightful breeze from your room’s spacious terrace – Sharm El Sheikh is, and has been for years, a favorite winter destination all over the world.

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Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza

Cairo – literally a city of Gods – brings all the majestic ancient times along with the modern Cairene twist and pours it right on the banks of the Nile River, where Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza sits perfectly situated to give you access to it all.

Luxury? Check. Entertainment? Check. State-of-the-art dining options? Check.  An unbelievable history overseen right from your room? Double check.

Delve into the best that Egyptian culinary has to offer at Zitouni restaurant, where authenticity takes a whole new turn with the recipes made by renowned, award-winning Chefs, who will make sure half what you remember about Egypt will reside in your taste buds.

Next head out for a felucca ride across the world’s longest river, and feel the Egyptian people’s generosity in the tiniest of gestures – a warm cup of mint tea – and let the endless waters of the river dazzle you. Experience world-famous landmarks like the pyramids and Egyptian museum, garnished with the unparalleled Four Seasons.

Whether you get out and about in the city that never sleeps, or opt for an unbelievable Hotel Spa treatment, an in-room night of pure luxury, a fine dinner, a scrumptious dessert at Beymen Cafe or a night of dancing at Graffiti – Four Seasons brings you Egypt like you have never seen before.

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Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at First Residence

Voted among the top 25 best destinations in the world, the capital of Egypt is also the capital of food, architecture and antiquities.

Located right at the heart of Giza, Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at First Residence offers a prime location overlooking the never-boring city on one side, and the city’s largest botanical gardens on the other side, with the river Nile as its centerpiece. Offering an exquisite view in the morning and a panoramic view of the city at night – when it comes to life- the Hotel has plenty of activities to kick-start you into your Egyptian journey.

Head into the Spa for a winter escapade, designed specifically to keep you warm during the winter months, and experience the secrets of ancient Egyptian luxury. Next, head out to Aura restaurant for a truly oriental night on the pool, where the mezzas, hookah and exotic ambiance will have you mesmerized for hours.

A night of cheese and wine tasting at the Tea Lounge, a tour of the never-boring city, and a walk to remember by the banks of the Nile are only a request away – ask and you shall find.

From special entertainment for children on special occasions leading up to the festive season, to a New Year’s Eve that will sparkle for years to come; Cairo is truly a destination that shines with beauty.

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Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano  

Influenced by French, Greek, Italian, English and French history but deeply true to its own – Alexandria is the cosmopolitan center of Egypt.

From strolls down its wave-blocking corniche to, dinners in the heart of the Sea and breath-taking panoramas of the Mediterranean; Alexandria puts on a brand new gown woven by Four Seasons.

From winter Spa treatments that bring along the essence of Cleopatra’s love and power, to a lavish dinner of all that the Mediterranean has to offer, and centuries of history and mystery to explore throughout the city; Alexandria is a city where extraordinary food, passionate love and great history come to stay.

From the Citadel of Qaitbay to the world-famous Bibliotheca Alexandrina, royal jewelry museums and gardens to stroll in and an unbeatable sea-shore to take it all in from – compliments of Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano.

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