As Egypt gets ready to welcome the breezy winter months, Four Seasons Egypt gets warm and cozy at each of the Hotel Spas around the country. From the midst of the city on the banks of River Nile, to the cities on the Mediterranean shores and the shores of the Red Sea; come alongside Four Seasons Egypt on a winter Spa journey, with treatments that will keep you as warm as royalty.

 Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh

Have an exquisite Pharaonic Experience or go all in and opt for The Egyptian Masterpiece. The Pharonic Experience promises an invigoratingly soothing treatment consisting of a full-body wrap, a body scrub and a deeply hydrating facial. Afterwards, a conditioning hair mask and a final anointing with moisturizing cream to make sure the skin soaks it all up, and leaves you with the smoothest skin you have ever had.

As for The Egyptian Masterpiece, the name explains everything already. The finest products used during the reign of the pharaohs, are interpreted for the 21st century royals and connoisseurs. A Carob, Cocoa & Honey Scrub, the Egyptian Scent Alchemist Massage, an Argan Oil Hair Wrap and a Rose Perfumed Bath; and you walk out just like the pharaohs do.

Finally, massage lessons for couples or family are also available; conducted by a Spa therapist as well as complimentary oil blending session for kids – making you become a professional massage therapist, with a Four Seasons twist.

For reservations visit Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh Spa or call on +20 (69) 360-3555

Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza

Escape the chilly winter days, relax amid the beautiful views of the River Nile and indulge yourself with your choice of out-of-this-world, and this time, royal ancient Egyptian treatments.  Among the treatments are the Cleopatra Ritual, Nile Journey and the Nefertari Herbal – all of which use herbal mixtures, therapeutic massage techniques, and nature’s sweet concoctions of oils and waters to present you with the utmost in Spa indulgences.

Also available from December to February is the Winter Bliss package – a 2.5-hour winter journey that starts with a warming foot ritual followed by our luxurious Nepalese body scrub ceremony using bamboo powder; combining apricot oil and Shea butter that exfoliates the skin while creating softness and radiance, and finishing with a hot stone massage to melt your stress away and calm your senses.

The journey comes to an end with a Hydration Strategy facial; turning tired and dull skin into an intensely hydrated and completely rested complexion.

The Spa team at Four Seasons Cairo at Nile Plaza is prepared to pamper you in every possible way. Between the soothing atmosphere and the sweet aromas, you will surely reach ultimate tranquility.

For reservations visit Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza Spa or call on +202-2791-7030

Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano  

In a city that has been overflowing with the secrets of beauty and luxury for centuries; it is only natural that the Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano knows exactly how to get you through a warm winter journey.

Experience what truly being royalty feels like with Cleopatra’s legendary warm milk and honey bath treatment, followed by an intense massage session that is bound to heat you up right at the core.

Of course when in Alexandria, experiencing a Pharaonic massage should be high on your priorities list. Go for the Pharaonic 60 – 90 minute firm massage, mixed with mint and chamomile oils and using aromatic poultices filled with healing powers and ancient secret concoctions that will take you on a rejuvenating winter escape.

For reservations visit Four Seasons Alexandria at San Stefano Spa or call on +2 03581 8202.

Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at First Residence   

Egyptian philosophy regards beauty as a holistic concept that embraces both the inner and outer self. The Spa and Wellness Centre at Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at The First Residence cares for the whole person, bringing together the physical and spiritual senses to unite the whole being. Trained to be the very best, our team members are chosen for their resourcefulness and dedication. By meeting your every need, we allow you the time to restore your well-being and recharge your zest for life.

This winter, opt for an Egyptian Loofah Scrub treatment which begins with a skin brushing using an Egyptian loofah. Known since the time of the pharaohs for its ability to improve lymphatic and blood circulation; this invigorating authentic body scrub followed by the application of aromatic oils will leave your skin feeling soft and supple – ready to take on the winter months.

If your significant other would like to join, then we have just the thing for you two as well; indulge in a King and Queen series of rituals where royalty becomes an understatement.

A private therapy room overlooking the Nile, where expert therapists make sure the magnificence of ancient Egypt’s healing techniques, potions and powers is perfectly mixed with Four Seasons elegance, class and unique hospitality – bringing you a world of bliss.

For reservations visit Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at First Residence Spa or call on +20 (2) 3567-1600.

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